Spot Removal

Spot RemovalDo you need help with removing stains from carpet? Are you trying to get rid of the rug stains? You have arrived at the right place.


Allow Classique ChemDry's technicians to clean and remove stains and spots most carpet cleaners consider to be permanent. Our tasks in stain removal include getting rid of: Ink spots, Lipstick stains, dye, grease, coffee, tea, red wine, oil, furniture stains, pet urine, faeces, vomit, beverage spills, makeup, nail polish, paint, and much more.


At Classique ChemDry we:


  • Have an expert team who are specialised in stain removal from any surface and any location!
  • Use the best products to ensure that carpet, rug or other upholstery is retained to its original form.
  • Improve asset value by keeping it clean and free from ugly stains. 
  • Use the right equipment to ensure the spot is cleaned properly the first time without damage.

Use versatile stain protectant solution which works by forming a strong defensive cover around fabric fibres. This repels most liquids and stain-causing agents, stopping stains in their tracks before they can do their damage.


Our stain removal method is the best. We are best professional stain removal service in Goulburn. If Classique ChemDry can’t do it then nobody can!

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Classique ChemDry

Location: Rose Street Goulburn, NSW 2580
Mailbox: PO Box 175 Goulburn, NSW 2580
Phone:1800 213 006
Mobile: 0458 213 408
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