6 Winter Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Clean This Winter
Winter cleaning is as important as spring cleaning. Winter is the time of the year where you’ll be spending most of your time indoors. Hence, giving your home a good winter cleaning is imperative. It will ensure your home is clean and ready for the cold months. Below are winter cleaning tips to prepare your home for the cold season: 1. Leave shoes outside Your shoes trap dust and debris which can enter your home.
DIY Tips to Clean Area Rugs
Area rugs can sure add glory to you home and make the room seem like a million bucks. But often, they are vulnerable to many household issues that can shorten their lifespan. From everyday dust and dirt to mishaps like spills and stains, area rugs face daily threats that cause damage. Sometimes your rugs might need more than just daily vacuuming. Below are tips to help you clean your area rugs. Before you attempt to
5 Signs of Carpet Mould
Mould is known to proliferate quickly in damp areas, which is why a carpet that has been damp for sometime becomes an ideal place for mould to grow. Once mould grows it can spread to the surrounding areas if the problem is not tackled soon enough and in the right way. At times it may be difficult to tell if your carpet is harbouring mould as it could be growing beneath the carpet. Understanding the
10 tips to keep your area rugs in top condition
Area rugs with their colours and textures give your home that finishing touch. To keep your rugs in top condition for a long time, you need to take good care of them. Below are simple tips that will help you maintain the beauty and health of your area rugs. 1. Know your rug There are several types of rugs on the market and each kind requires slightly different care. It’s important to know what type
replace your carpet
While proper and regular maintenance can extend the life of your carpet significantly, every carpet that is used for a considerable period will have to be replaced at some point or the other. Some signs are easily noticeable, but there are a few others that may go unnoticed. To help you decide whether you need to replace your carpet or not, consider the telltale signs that you need to replace your carpet. Matting If your
Smart ways to keep your tile floors clean
Your beautiful looking tile floors are exposed to dirt everyday. In order to keep them clean and shiny, regular maintenance is a must. If they are not cleaned regularly, the grout will harbour dirt making your tiles look dull. Over a period of time, this dirt will settle in your grout and be difficult to get rid of. No matter the number of times you mop the floor, the grout will remain the same. In
10 Simple Autumn Cleaning Tips for Your Home
We are all familiar with spring cleaning, but experts recommend giving your home a good deep cleanup twice a year, with the second one being autumn cleaning. Apart from clearing gutters, raking fallen leaves, and storing summer outdoor furniture and patio back in the garage, autumn also calls for a deep house cleaning. We have compiled some autumn cleaning tips to deep clean your home and prepare it for the coming of winter. Clean the
5 Upholstery Cleaning Problems and How to Fix Them
Starting from stains all the way to odours, your beautiful upholstered furniture can suffer from various issues. But no homeowner discards their furniture over a simple stain. So how do you deal with upholstery problems? Your upholstery tends to deteriorate when cleaning is irregular, not thorough or wrongly done. Bearing this in mind, we have outlined some of the most common upholstery problems that could arise and how to tackle them. Lingering Odours Homeowners often
Smoke Damage Cleanup
When it comes to a fire event, there’s always some amount of smoke damage that occurs after the fire is put out. Catering to the smoke damage immediately is crucial as the longer the odours are left to linger, the more difficult it will be to remove them especially when it comes to furniture upholstery. When upholstery is exposed to severe smoky conditions, it can be quite difficult to clean. Experts recommend a professional smoke
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