Upholstered Furniture – Easy Tips for Maintenance
In the modern age of style, luxury and comfort, upholstered furniture can be quite in demand because of the fine look it adds to a home. Investing in gorgeous looking upholstery such as a lounge suite or sofa can be quite expensive, hence keeping it in good condition is important to every homeowner. If not maintained well, an expensive piece of upholstery may end up looking saggy and faded in no time. Put down together
Immediate Care for Your Water Damaged Carpet
Has your home been affected by a flood or water damage? And do you have area rugs/carpets damaged as a result of this? Water damage to your property can be quite a disturbing ordeal, causing harm to your belongings and potentially putting your health at risk. Before attempting to clean the carpet, you must first firmly decide if it is worth saving. Consider how long the carpet has been under water and if the water
10 DIY cleaning techniques that are easier than you imagined
When it comes to the chores of cleaning, most of us prefer putting it off until the weekend. And when it’s the weekend we prefer doing something fun or relaxing and thus cleaning takes a backseat. To make cleaning quick and easy, we have briefed down 10 DIY cleaning techniques. Using a few wondrous ingredients from your kitchen you can have a spick and span home in a jiffy. Olive oil for surfaces: Olive oil
8 Tips to Maintain Your Carpets for the Holiday Season
The holiday season is in and that would mean food, drinks and parties. While parties may be fun, they could mean a lot of work with both pre and post party cleanups. Inevitable carpet spills are a common thing during the holiday season. But with a few preventive tips in mind, you can prep your carpets for the holiday season. If you want to know how to keep your carpets looking beautiful all through the
The importance of indoor air quality
Homeowners don’t usually pay attention to indoor air quality. They may notice dust particles in the air but not be concerned about it, assuming it’s natural. According to research, the level of indoor pollutants exceeds the level of those outdoor. This is why it is imperative to keep an eye on the air quality of your home to ensure the wellbeing of your family. Adopting good cleaning habits will help reduce air quality concerns, get
5 Signs of leakage in your sprinkler system
Automatic sprinkler systems are installed to help homeowners save time, energy and money. So what happens when there’s a leakage in the system? How would one even detect a leak when the main components are located under the lawn? In addition to water wastage and a spiked water bill, sprinkler system leaks can cause damage to your lawn, garden and landscaping if not detected and repaired immediately. A leakage ignored could seriously cost you a