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All About Carpet Steam Cleaning in Goulburn

Your friends or family may have mentioned steam cleaning once or twice, which got you thinking - what exactly is steam cleaning, how does it work, and do I need my carpets steam cleaned? This article is an attempt to shine a little light on the world of carpet steam cleaning in Goulburn so that you can hopefully answer those questions.


To answer your first question, steam cleaning is essentially cleaning with steam. Steam cleaners commonly look like vacuums, but they are actually far from it. They also aren’t power washers. You simply plug a steam cleaner into the wall, and it creates enough pressurized steam to clean your carpet. Also, no chemicals are used in the process.


Basically, a steam cleaner uses a tiny amount of water to create a super-hot vapour which is then shot onto the surface that you are placing the cleaner against. Light agitation aids this heat, and the carpet (or other surface) is cleaned. There is a tiny bit of moisture left behind, but the carpet dries quickly.


Yes and no! Buying a steam cleaner is impractical. But those tough, hard-to-clean stains need something more than a vacuum. So what do you do? Well, you hire Classique Chem-Dry a professional service for carpet steam cleaning in Goulburn to bring their steam cleaner by your house or business. The whole process is fast, easy, and inexpensive. And when the service finishes and leaves, you will have a fresh smelling, clean looking carpet.

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Call Classique Chem-Dry on 1800 213 006 or click here to schedule your appointment today!

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