Pet Urine Removal Goulburn

What You Need to Know About Pet Urine Removal in Goulburn

Perhaps you got a new puppy and you’re potty-training him, or maybe your dog is getting old and can’t hold it like he used to. For whatever the reasons may be, urine stains on the carpet are unsightly, stinky and embarrassing. If your dog is having problems getting outside on time and you need to take care of the resulting mess, you first need to know that the sooner you tackle the problem, the easier it is going to be to clean.


One mistake that many people make when attempting pet urine removal in Goulburn is not initially cleaning the stain properly. You should absorb the urine as soon as possible by dabbing a towel into the spot until the urine is absorbed into the towel- wiping won’t work, as it will spread the stain across a wider area.


Just because you have dried the spot, though, does not mean you have gotten rid of the stain. The dirty odour-causing bacteria in the urine will cling to the carpet fibres, and you will need to use a chemical product to remove these bacteria. Classique ChemDry have their world famous PURT which is pet urine removal treatment and can successfully remove the odour, which if left untreated can take up to 5 years to get to normal. Classique ChemDry also has pet urine products you can use yourself, available in Goulburn and can instruct you accordingly.

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