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Fabric naturally gets worn out unsightly over time, and often has the unfortunate quality of holding in debris which can cause a room to smell. If you have an expensive older couch or chair, it may be wise to get some professional upholstery cleaning done, rather than trying to handle the problem yourself. The main reason for this is that some fabrics are very susceptible to getting ruined when certain products are used on them. Classique ChemDry’s upholstery cleaning Canberra, can handle and take excellent care of your upholstery without damaging it.


Another reason that you should hire Classique ChemDry’s professional upholstery cleaning Canberra service is to ensure good health to your family & colleagues, in addition to maintaining the quality of your furniture. Certain cleaning chemicals can be harmful to your family or pets. Classique ChemDry professionals use proper cleaning products while working on upholstery, to ensure good health of your family & pets. Thus, avoiding reactions caused by sitting on the couch or chair.


Our upholstery cleaning Canberra team of professionals experience is invaluable; especially when it comes to dealing with upholstery. Their skills in fabric & upholstery, ensures that your upholstery will get the best without any damage caused to the fibre. Additionally, with the help of their quick-drying techniques, your furniture will dry amusingly faster & will be good to use within a short while!


Want to get rid of the dirt and nasty smell emitted by your furniture? Don’t hesitate… Call Classique ChemDry’s upholstery cleaning Canberra team. We service Canberra & all surrounding suburbs. Dial 1800 213 006 or email us at classique@chemdry.com.au. 

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